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Clinical Applications

Clinical Applications: Welcome

30-Day Hospital

Readmission Reduction

The reasons for the huge financial and functional burden of heart failure are many including: an incomplete understanding of the pathophysiology of heart failure, misdiagnoses, suboptimal use of evidence-based therapies, and a lack of a clinically useful, accurate, and consistent means of assessing one’s cardiovascular physiology in real-time. The MyNICaS utilizing the ICG technology is the solution to address all of these limitations.


Hemodynamic Monitoring

The Hemodynamic Navigator™ is a novel multi-dimensional representation of the cardiovascular status. It provides a good understanding of the interrelations between the cardiac power and the vascular resistance.

Acute and Congestive

Heart Failure

MyNICaS is able to provide accurate (highly correlates with pulmonary artery catheter), consistent and real-time date of one’s cardiovascular physiology. This would facilitate the ability to improve our understanding of one’s cardiovascular state, provide a clue as to what is causing the current state and Heart Failure, facilitate titration of medication to more optimal levels and provide a mean of assessing one’s response to medication adjustments.


Cardiac Output

Unlike the “gold standard” of measuring cardiac output that require the insertion of a catheter into the heart, MyNICaS offers a simple and non-invasive way to measure cardiac output.


Stroke Volume

The usage of Stroke Volume is limited as the measurement of Stroke Volume is complicated and expensive.
MyNICaS can measure Stroke Volume by only attaching 2 inexpensive sensors to patient’s two limbs.

Clinical Applications: Features
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